Shocked and Appalled – What Trump Has Taught Me About Patriotism


It’s been a week since our country voted for Donald Trump to be our next president. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that fact.

I have conflicting feelings about the election and about our country’s future under a Trump presidency. I’m outraged that this man will be our next president, but as an American I feel that I must respect the office of President and our Constitution. As I said, conflicting feelings. One week later, here are some of my thoughts:

  1. In the USA, as in any country, there’s a certain percentage of the population who gravitate and respond enthusiastically to a message of hate and fear. Apparently, there are more people like this than I thought, and many of these people voted.
  1. Another group of people who did not approve of Trump’s obvious character flaws but voted for him anyway must have been really, really dissatisfied. I want to learn more about these people and see what can realistically be done to address their issues.
  1. Expertly manipulated by Donald Trump and money motivated, the US media incessantly featured Trump on TV, newspaper, radio and the internet, essentially giving him over two billion dollars of free advertising.4. I’m concerned about what a Trump presidency will bring to us and the world and what kind of message we are sending the world.
  1. Hopefully, Trump will either act saner than he has on the campaign trail, or the many checks and balances woven into our government will protect us against the worst excesses of his insanity.
  1. Presidents don’t need to be nice, they need to be effective. Maybe, just maybe, good things might happen to offset the bad things that will almost certainly happen. I was amazed that Donald Trump won the election. Maybe I’ll also be amazed that he turns out to be a successful president as well.
  1. If things do get awful under Trump, hopefully, we will at least have learned some things.
  1. As a world civilization we are generally moving forward toward a more peaceful, tolerant and prosperous future.Any regressive impacts that this presidency might bring about will, hopefully, be just a hiccup along the way.
  1. Rather than succumb to the outrage and despair I felt on election night, I’ve decided to use the election of Trump as a wake-up call to get up off my rear-end and do my part to help make the world a better place.
  1. I’ve just discovered something about patriotism: It’s easy to love living in a country where everything is pretty good most of the time. But when dangers threaten the country you love, and you are committed to fixing these things, I guess that has something to do with what patriotism is about.

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